Future Story Initiative

The Future Story Initiative inspires and equips community members from all walks of life to develop solutions to systemic barriers that keep people in poverty while assisting families to leave poverty one-by-one-by-one.

The Future Story Initiative engages people of all economic classes, races and political persuasions in the work of ending poverty and building communities where everyone can live well. Participants (low-income people who want to work to get their families out of poverty) initially participate in a 10-session facilitated course studying emotional intelligence, employer expectations, communication and relationships to money. In an important next step, participants have opportunities to participate in various groups to help them achieve their goals.

Trained community volunteers are linked with participants to serve as social capital. The reciprocal relationships built in these groups helps break down the isolation many low-income families experience, add meaning to the lives of all the people involved, strengthen the entire community and empower community members to work to remove the systemic barriers that make it so difficult for people to leave poverty.

For more information on the initiatives in the Lewis Clark Valley, Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, e-mail info@cap4action.org.

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