Mission & Vision


Community Action Partnership's vision is our community working together to end poverty.

We envision:

  • a community where all people have sufficient money, relationships and meaning in their lives to thrive;
  • a community where everyone is equipped to fully achieve his potential;
  • a community where each person is valued; all people are meeting their needs by utilizing their talents, potential and passions.


Community Action Partnership is a catalyst for building relationships that inspire and equip people to end poverty in our community.

A Community Action Agency carries out its mission through a variety of means, including: (a) community-wide assessments of needs and strengths, (b) comprehensive antipoverty plans and strategies, (c) provision of a broad range of direct services, (d) mobilization of financial and non-financial resources, (e) advocacy on behalf of low-income people and (f) partnerships with other community-based organizations to eliminate poverty. A Community Action Agency involves the low-income population it serves in the planning, administering and evaluating of its programs.

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