Community Outreach & Assistance

As the hub of our service delivery, Community Outreach and Assistance is the vehicle through which CAP determines clients’ eligibility, assesses needs and then works to meet these needs through CAP programs or through referrals to other community-based programs.

CAP is a safety net and springboard for low-income members of our community. We provide services or link people to services that offer a safety net while also providing an opportunity to access programs and initiatives that serve as a springboard to leave poverty.

Community Services staff are available in each county that CAP serves to assist low-income people and provide assistance with such basic needs as shelter, utilities, food, transportation, and linkages to other programs like Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps and other community or tribal social services. Community Services employees sit on the local Human Needs Councils, Veteran Services Boards, Senior Housing Boards, and Emergency Services Shelter and Food Program Boards to exchange information and to be part of the community response to need.

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