Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance

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Our Energy Assistance department offers multiple programs to assist individuals and families with utility and heating fuel bills when funding is available.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists income-eligible households with a benefit that is paid toward their heating bill. This includes, but is not limited to natural gas, electricity, wood, propane, and oil costs.  LIHEAP benefits are determined by the household’s total income, size and historical heating usage and do not require a heating emergency.  Click here to see what documentation you may need to apply.

Households that have already received LIHEAP assistance but who are facing an energy emergency, such as a utility disconnection or being nearly out of heating fuel, may also be able to receive additional assistance from the Project Share, Helping Hand, or LIHEAP Crisis programs depending on funding availability and household eligibility.

A referral to another organization may also be made if CAP is unable to address a household's home energy needs.

In addition to assistance with energy bills, CAP's Energy Assistance department also provides conservation education to help households save money by taking steps to reduce their home energy usage.

Energy Assistance Is Available for Asotin County Residents

February 1, 2018

We currently have energy assistance funding available to help families in Asotin County.  If you would like to apply, take a look at our energy assistance page for more information about who qualifies and how to apply.…

LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program for Idaho Residents Has Ended; Limited Emergency Funding May Be Available

February 1, 2018

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program for Idaho residents has ended for this season.
If you have a past due or final notice from your utility company, or if you are within 48 hours of being without wood, oil, or propane, please contact your local Community Action Partnership office as other funding sources may be an option to assist you.…