Welcome to Carolyn Patterson, AAA Community Resource Specialist

Welcome to Carolyn Patterson, the new Area Agency on Aging Community Resource Specialist in the Lewiston office.  She recently graduated from LCSC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  Carolyn’s past work experience has included working at a rehabilitation and care center as a Therapy Administration Assistant, an Outpatient Coordinator, and a Social Work Intern.  She has a strong desire to work with the elder community and has served as a hospice volunteer for the past two years.

When not at work, you most likely will find Carolyn outdoors!  Camping, boating, and swimming are some of her favorite activities.  Her dream would be to move out in the middle of nowhere and live completely off the grid.  She also loves animals, particularly “dogs and moose.”    She currently has eight dogs and would gladly accept more.  Her love of moose is demonstrated throughout her office space by pictures and memorabilia of moose adventures.

Carolyn describes herself as a “simple person” who loves honesty.  She like to read. crochet, and listen to music.  Please join us in welcoming Carolyn to our CAP family.